Thursday, November 8, 2012

(Possibly) Depressing Shit, Part 5

I recommend you see part 1 of my Depressing Shit series and read my original disclaimer here; now here's installment 5.

The Girlfriend Experience [Feels eerily like a documentary. This reminded me of why I hate businessmen and the corporate world and why I probably shouldn't live in New York again-- i.e., the businessmen. If you happen to be a businessman or other corporate fuck, see this movie, see if you're like these men, and then understand why I hate you.]
Inside Job [The Netflix blurb describes it as a "sobering documentary." Just the kind of thing I don't want to pay for, thanks.]
Life and Debt
Maxed Out [haven't seen it, but it sure sounds depressing!]
Ordinary People [suggested by my friend Gabe]
Ponette [Cf. "Maxed Out"]
Sicko [again, haven't seen it, don't want to. I know stuff sucks and I don't need it spelled out for me over and over.]

TV show:
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo [according to Entertainment Weekly; I've only seen clips.]

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And as always, I welcome your suggestions for More Depressing Shit. Do comment, and I'll include any good suggestions in a future update.