Friday, January 22, 2010

Trust women.

  So... what does "Trust Women" mean to me? It means that it makes more sense to trust a woman with her healthcare decisions than some self-righteous fetophile who really doesn't understand that woman's life, that woman's reality. Some of the righties MAY have good intentions (and I am giving them a HUGE benefit of the doubt here), but they just don't understand what women go through-- or kids, for that matter! If they understood anything about the lives of women and children, they'd be way more reluctant to engage in their anti-choice actions.
  If a woman carries a pregnancy to term, whether by choice or not, there is never any guarantee that the child is going to be fully loved and taken care of. Let's face it-- a woman having a baby because she chooses to is much more likely to want, love, and try to do her best to care for the kid than a woman who has no choice.
  What's so "pro-life" about forcing a woman to have a kid she doesn't want? Do any of the antichoicers have any idea what it's like to be a kid who wasn't wanted?? Not all babies automatically get adopted! There are some very tragic stories that happen to some people who were not "wanted" as kids.
  I have seen many of these stories up close. My mother used to work in juvenile court, and often she'd come home crying because of some child abuse case she was hearing. She told us one story of abuse after another-- all atrocious, all unacceptable. No child should have to go through what any of those kids went through.
  And my mom is one of the pro-choicest people I know. She loves kids, she cares about kids, and she has fought hard for the cause of making sure every child is a wanted child.
  I could go on and on. There's so much more to this than the anti-abortion people want you to believe. Just trust women, and give them all the support they need to be mothers when, how, and if they want.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Experimental Theater? You'll have to wait

The theater class I've been touting is being revamped and so on and suchandsuch.

So it ain't happening right now.

Stay tuned.