Friday, August 28, 2009

Monkey Poo and More

Oh, yeah, so some stuff to report from Wednesday...

Geoff (husband) + I went to Gabe (best friend)'s house, hung out w/ him + Caretaker Neil (also a best friend).

At 1 point, I described my eye color as "Monkey Poo." And Gabe said he wanted to call Neil's "Rotting Genital Holes." Wouldn't that make a good makeup color?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Modeling for free IF-- & ONLY IF--

Here's my new testing policy. Just throwing this out there if anyone's up to the challenge. :)

TESTING? For the most part, No. In general, I take paid work or extremely wonderful opportunities (tearsheets? international fame? or...?) only. But I am always looking to make EXTRAORDINARY IMAGES. I mean REALLY EXTRAORDINARY. Life-changing. History-making. Museum-worthy. Never done before. If you want to work with me + think we can make something extraordinary, please contact me.

You can see a bunch of my photos here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bird in the Trash


So deep in debt, she chops up all of her credit cards (well, maybe not all of them!) and in fact reduces them to a fine-ish powder. Bravely, she lines up this powder in one big line on a magazine cover (using her remaining credit card to shepherd the powder into a line) and snorts it through a straw. This is painful, though not as painful as cutting the cards up. But like getting a tooth pulled or doing any kind of exercise, she knows the pain is for the greater good.

Late that night, though, she wakes up in a sweaty panic, feeling as though she has committed a murder and the victim’s heart is pounding from beneath the floor. The last time she felt this way, she had just realized she had thrown a perfectly fine pet bird in the trash. Now, one thought glows in her dark mind-- I have only one credit card!


(Fiction , my dears.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thousands of lesbian ones are abandoned every day on the road by their owners.

So... I love free translations. Makes my foreign myspace spam so much more, well...

Ah yes this is the vacation, ah yes you are at the beach or to the sea or to the creek or in the office or with big mom... But this is not a reason to forget that of the thousands of lesbian ones are abandoned every day on the road by their owners.

Lesbian to that one had said I like you my love my baby my bichon my female one of love, my milky louve, my fairy handbell, my mushroom my tartouflette my flying quail my dear choute my blue angel sugar sugar baby my chantilly. And nevertheless. A bend of alarming growth shows that the lesbian ones are more and more abandoned in summer, especially on the A3bis in the middle of the cagnard.

React and be united while coming to meet lesbian abandoned others, AS YOU THIS ETE, if this not the was been last, if this not the will be been next, if this is not your better girlfriend, your aunt your mother or your own sister.

And buy starting now for only 14 Euros instead of 18, your place and the one of your friends, for the spectacle of Océanerosemarie, the invisible lesbian one, that racommodera the hearts and will bring together the rouflaquettes and will put back salt in the butter of the épinards and will obliterate the tears to transform them in laugh bursting eternal crystal of crystalline stalactiques of fire of ice of solar light of love!

Océanerosemarie, the invisible lesbian on vacation (not on the A3 encore I reassure you), getting ready for his hilarious and thundering return (as they say in the bios of One Woman Show) from September 17 to the "ramp fires", 2 streets Saulnier 75009.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Blonds

I realized recently I have quite a prejudice against blonds, + I'm probably not alone. This might seem Clarence Thomasesque coming from me (see picture), but the objects of my weird feelings are natural blonds... which I ain't.

I know it's bad to be prejudiced against people for something that's not their fault. But I'm trying to recognize my prejudice and maybe flip it around like a little ball or potato for a while.
I'm sure you understand.
But just so you know, this still means I'm prejudiced against "my own people"-- sortof. I'm partly German + Scandinavian, so really... well, I'll say it: I tend to think of natural blonds as way more likely to be dopey or douchey. There's no good reason for me to think this way.
I'll try to get better soon.

On a totally different subject, my band Marfa And Ne-af will play at Club Ding a ling at Hyperion Tavern this Tuesday. We're playing with a KICKASS band called Garbaj Kaetz. And it's FREE. Starts at 10pm.

1941 Hyperion Bl
LA CA 90026

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beware of blonds?

Must write about my phobia of blond people soon. I will explain...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie review! Aaah'm steamed!

My review of Sidney Lumet's Family Business for Netflix. So aggravated about it, I couldn't wait for them to post this. So you see it here first, you lucky people, plants, + animals.


Why on Earth was this classified as comedy?? Aside from how low this movie could make you feel-- especially when you're expecting some laughs!-- there are A LOT of problems with Family Business. The way it's written (doesn't seem like they knew how to adapt the story for the screen), the pacing (excruciating), the editing (see pacing-- were the editors asleep??), the music (sappy, innapropriate, jarring, manipulative)... it's hard to know where to start. And aside from how poorly it was made (given the incredible talent involved-- what a waste!), it just plain made me angry. We the viewers are supposed to feel sorry for some really despicable characters, while Dustin Hoffman's character (and the best performance of any here) is given short shrift. Other than Hoffman, this movie has a few very real-feeling scenes going for it... and one very charming old bearded Irish man. Maybe they should show this is in film-criticism classes-- it'd give the students plenty to chew on.


Say Yes More (But Do Some Other Things Maybe Only Once)

Until I figure out some less-stupid way to do this, I'll direct you to my current (??) blog on myspace. If anyone has kind, helpful suggestions on how to do this in a less-stupid way, send 'em here. Like maybe I should start posting "real" blog posts here + sticking links to this blog on my myspace??

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