Friday, October 22, 2010

Save the Echo Curio + other small venues??

Mmmmaybe you saw the LA Weekly article about the closing of Echo Curio + Hyperion Tavern. They need savin.' The article suggests contacting City Councilman Eric Garcetti ( about the issue, which I finally did today. I pasted the contents of my email below-- crib if you wish.

Dear Councilman Garcetti:

Recently, the city has been cracking down on small independent live music venues, such as Echo Curio and Hyperion Tavern, because of apparent permit issues. While no one is saying permit or license laws should not apply to these venues, it seems like a misuse of the city's powers to devote scarce police resources to shutting down such places when there is SO much violent crime going on that could use the police's attention. It is very hard to see what harm, if any, is being done by tiny venues hosting tiny performances.

Please do what you can to help these venues re-open. They are an asset to the community.

Thank you.


[And den I put my full "real" name and city.]

P.S. The LA Weekly posted an article about this matter at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"The Progress"

I could do some more writing right now, but that might require more thinking, which might require more energy, which probably requires more coffee. Which is a way to say: coffee time.

Later, liquor time. And more coffee.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Businesses Vs. Tax Haven Abuse

I'm so f***in' smart, I just had to share this thing I wrote when I signed a petition today for Businesses Against Tax Havens. I do business (Pet Set Rex! It's a recording studio as well as a band!) so I was eligible to sign. They ask for comments when you sign, + I though my precious words would just disappear into the ether if I didn't save 'em here for you:

If everyone pays their fair share of taxes, the revenues can be used to improve the US economy, promote jobs, and that will help everyone's bottom line in the long run.

Wow, thanks, me!

And now back to being totally un-self-indulgent. ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mulling things over

Dreamed about Snooki again the other night. I blame myself.


At a truck stop, I finally found the source of all those massively oversized tanktops that go so well with a mullet & a 'stache. Finally, I can rest.

Pet Set Rex


All of this counts

...something I need to remind myself.

Writing here and there (especially here) counts as writing. So I'm not doing as badly as I thought on this writing challenge.

Keep going, person.

More later.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stopping Bullying of Queer Youth- Resources + a Rant

Last night I tweeted this:

Mormon leader gives antigay sermon after recent teen suicides. Add yr name to the @ open letter

I was (re)posting it following an email I'd gotten from Human Rights Campaign, regarding a recent sermon by Boyd K. Packer, who is apparently some big cheese in the LDS church.

And this morning some beeyotch sent me an @ message on Twitter, saying "the HRC twisted his words to suit their agenda." The nerve! I'm not going to debate this female directly, as I generally find arguing with rightwingers to be a waste of my energies (especially online, + especially especially on Twitter). But this is too ridiculous to let slip by unchallenged, + I want this to be to everyone's benefit. :)

So I've got to say it:
1. The HRC didn't twist that Mormon assface's words.
2. After all the Mormon church has done to hurt LGBT people-- including torturing them with electric shocks to try to make them straight, and in addition to their other anti-queer campaigns-- I wouldn't care if HRC did twist that guy's words for their agenda, which they didn't. The Mormons think they have been wronged here?? Give me a break!

OK, I feel much better. Carry on.

Resources to Help Stop Bullying - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Writing challenge progress & probs

I say 'probs,' but what I'm thinking of now as a problem may actually prove to be something else. Like an "interesting thing," not necessarily a bad one. I'm figuring it out.

I've been stalling, putting off writing for any good chunk of time, or at least not making time for it.

I do come up with ideas, verbal and musical, and write down or record them all the time as always. But I haven't just sat and focused on creating or developing anything for as long as 10 minutes, at least not in recent memory (i.e., since August).

We've been invited again to submit a song for an LA Record compilation, this time for the Halloween issue. So we'll definitely put together a complete new song for that. That should help with my creative/productive momentum, and Geoff's, & our collective momentum. Yay.

Pet Set Rex



Boo to everything.

How do people do anorexia?? I freak the fuck out if I go 4 hours without a snack.

Like right now.

I might update this from jail later.


Pet Set Rex