Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ah, I'm such an annoyed alien.

Geoff and I were doing some our normal alien things that aliens do on Sundays in our apartment today, and at some point Geoff put his finger in the air as a sign for me to be quiet and listen.

I heard one of the neighbors, not sure which, bitching very loudly about something to someone. We both adore minor conflicts that don't involve us, so we listened. We couldn't make out a lot of words, but we got a little kick out of it anyway. Then, back to alien stuff.

A little later, the bitching-- which by now we were sure was a particular neighbor we know arguing with someone on the phone-- got louder and clearer and we made out some phrases. "I was supposed to be married first!" Precious and golden.

Geoff left for the studio, but the arguing continued and got louder. And some of the things our neighbor was saying were so hilarious that I just had to write them down.

As it went on, I noticed that she repeated some parts of her argument verbatim a few minutes after she'd first said them. And then this happened again. And other parts got repeated, too. Over and over.

So maybe you know where this is going now. It sure took me a while to figure it out. She was practicing her lines with a damn acting coach. I should have known-- she's just too unspiky a person to ever have a real argument with anyone.

Another of my petty disappointments. Here I was thinking something funny was going on that I could mine for my own amusement, writing it down so I could get hilarity points off it later.

What a shitty little bummer. A lot of easy nothing comes and goes easy again. Back to the rest of my life of vacant fun!