Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Hey, whale, I'm tired of your face"

I have a good time, why can't the whale? He is always ruining my special spaghetti night. He's skeptical, and when he talks, he gives things away that people aren't supposed to know and he ruins it for everyone. Last time it happened, I had to give everybody their money back. I don't like doing things back, least of all giving money, least of all because of some whale with a big mouth and no faith in the supernatural. I'm tired of his whale face. It comes from nature, people tell me. I don't buy it. God made this whale thing to tease me. It is most of the things I'm not. And he makes so much sense, with his logical explanations, that I look bad. People don't want to be seen with me. But everyone wants to get their picture taken with the whale. Popular asshole.