Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dodging bullets

I just found out that an area (Filipinotown) where we once helped run a venue-- The White Slave Trade-- is  part of an area called Westlake, + it turns out that Westlake has an extremely high murder rate! Or, at least, it comes up A LOT on The Homicide Report, the LA Times' blog that records every death by homicide in LA County. Yikes.

We actually moved out of that space after some Gs had a gun battle outside our front door one night during a show. So it's not like we were totally in the dark about it...

Now we're getting ready to reopen our venue and our new recording studio in Glassell Park-- a nice part of Glassell Park! We've been over to the space several times at all times of day and night, and have never seen Gs hanging out anywhere nearby. Lots of darling little old Mexican grandpas watering the hell out of their plants, though. :)

I'll keep you posted, my dears.