Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slasher Jinks!

Click here to see a new video of my Geoff and me slashering out for the forthcoming movie Write A Book About It.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fresh Oct. 17 PDX Show Info 4 Your Tainment

---------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

From: Leslie Q.

Date: 9/28/2009 8:23:38 PM

Subject: Come to my fabulous birthday par-tay on Oct. 17th!!!!!!

Disjecta Hosts

The Art of Noize


Curated by Leslie Q

Saturday, October 17th 2009 / 6pm to Midnight / 21+

Entrance Fee - $6 @ 6 pm, $7 @ 7pm, $8 @ 8 pm...you get the picture

Portland-..blooded, punk rock chanteuse Leslie Q has returned to her roots. Recently back on her home turf after a decade in LA, the musician, performance artist and experimental diva brings a taste of the vibrant SoCal noize scene to NoPo for an evening of eclectic sights and sounds not likely to be replicated anytime soon. High art, fashion, music and love! Does it get better than this?


6pm...Karen Army / www.myspace.com/fake_modern

(Majora Records/Menlo Park Recordings.....solo dance noise pop aerobic work out and art...Portland)

7pm...Rat Bastard / www.myspace.com/laundryroomsquelchers

(TO LIVE and SHAVE in L.A. and Laundry Room Squelchers performance and film....Miami)

8pm......Oscillator / www.myspace.com/osci11ator

(Ben Wolcott of TO LIVE and SHAVE in L.A. plays the oscillator and shows recent artwork....LA)

9pm....Marfa and Neaf / www.myspace.com/marfaandne-af

(model/actress quirk rock from LA)

10pm..... Rubber O Cement / www.myspace.com/rubber0cement

(Astronauts from SF)

11pm..... Sister Mantos / www.myspace.com/sistermantos

(Queer tribal disco from LA)

Visual Art:

LA punk photos 1980-85 by Vincent Ramirez / www.morphisstudios.com/photos-3.htm

Aluminum Micro/Macro art by Ben Wolcott


by HARD PLACE / www.hardplacemusic.com / www.myspace.com/hardplace

(Bizarre film shorts by LA pop fashion duo)

More about the Artists:

Rat Bastard

Rat Bastard is unquestionably one of the most ubiquitous presences in the Miami music scene. And he has been for well over two decades. When Rat's not fronting conflagrations such as Laundry Room Squelchers or Scraping Teeth, he's heading up The International Noise Conference or touring with To Live and Shave in L.A.

The Miami-based madman’s nebulous Squelchers unit is one of the most unpredictable outfits in all of noise’s underbelly. A founding member of the despicable To Live and Shave in LA, Mr. Bastard (Frank Falestra to Mom) has been cracking heads, bursting eardrums, and causing structural damage in shitty clubs for decades, most recently with his sprawling International Noise Conference, which touts: "No droning, no mixing boards, no laptops." Expect a burly man with black-rimmed glasses and beanie (Rat Bastard) hurling a static-spewing amplifier into the faces and chests of audience members.

Rat Bastard is known to hundreds of people, from fans of his band Laundry Room Squelchers to those involved in the annual International Noise Conference (INC) he's thrown in Miami since 2004.

Scraping Teeth one of Rat’s many projects has the ignominious distinction of being Spin’s worst band in America 1993.

John Hood, a Miami writer who did some time with the Swans, may have summed up Rat perfectly: "Completely unyielding, which in a world of sheer compromise is no small feat."

Sister Mantos: Blind Love

SISTER MANTOS (LA) - Coming to you hot off the LA scene that is centered around it’s much talked about, critically acclaimed venue the smell this young artist conjures up some of the most instantly listenable psychedelic electronica. Fused all together with ferocious sense of sugar coated accessibility and you have intelligent, thinking man’s dance music of the most mouth watering order. A Sister Mantos performance is an attack on all the senses. Videos accompany each song and serious dance moves are unleashed throughout. It is a self contained psychedelic experience. File under; Experimental Dance, Improvisational.. House, New Pop, Psychedelic Electro or Religious Experience...http://www.myspace.com/sistermantos

If Giorgio Moroder called Donna Summer right now, her ringtone would probably be Sister Mantos’ "SHPSHFTER." Since she’s hypothetically on the phone anyway, maybe Summer should call Sister Mantos to get her career back on track? I mean, Mantos sound like they could have written "I Feel Love."
LA performer Oscar Miguel Santos, the lead member of Sister Mantos, is an energetic lad spreading gobs of love over every stage he wears a weird costume on. Their myspace page says that Sister Mantos will play anywhere the vibes are positive: "venues, DIY, queer situations, house parties, squats, galleries, festivals, your kitchen…" Santos’ personal energy has his bewitching blend of house music playing kamikaze shows on LA street corners or humping walls in dark warehouses. Internet evidence suggests that Santos can make fun out of any situation, whether the PA can handle his bass or not. Which is refreshing, since entertainment skills do not always accompany brilliant electro beatmakers. Just ask a really boring electronic act like The Sight Below, recently booked at Le Poisson Rouge!
In an interview with Young Creature, Santos says that he wants to create music to fill up a club, as well as headphone music that a listener can take anywhere, to take Santos’ trip to different locations. Additionally, Santos says he often performs without his glasses on, so sometimes he doesn’t realize what he’s doing. Well, I say if you dance blind for music, you are music. -- Thomas Wilk

Rubber O Cement

Rubber-..O-Cement, a seven-..foot-tall squishy-headed thing-beast that plays a bass made from...I don't know what. Aluminum siding, maybe. And I think there's a castle on-stage that rattles around and makes noise as well.
Rubber 0 Cement are, depending on your definitions, Avant metal, a la Black Dice or Wolf Eyes, the latter of whom they tour with, or Musique Concrete, following in the traditions of 'found noise' artists such as Pierre Schaeffer and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Certainly their music is a sound collage of this ilk, although it is less 'Revolution No.9', more, to quote the name of their record label, 'Brutal Sound Effects' .
Their full sound of electronic feedback, echo and whine puts them in the bracket of Noise or Drone according to some, but the band themselves would have other ways of describing their noise, such as "cheap fibronitrogen, and expensive biliary sludge" - the band seldom mention anything outside of the chemical or synthetic. To further this modernist dystopia they dress as giant mutated robots.
Their only overt instrument onstage, other than a giant computer they claim is made of cardboard, is a seven foot "bass javelin" which is played by an aforementioned robot by being swung round, hitting and scraping anything in its path. Their love of found noise seems to extend beyond, er, noise. Some of their CDs are released in comic books "to make them attractive to the younger audience", they say. But these are not specially commissioned comics, they are old D.C. comics that they found in a skip. There is one person on OkCupid, a dating website, who lists Rubber 0 Cement as a favourite band. Rubber 0 Cement's first full length DVD, "Butyl RNA World, Solid City State, and Ratar Toilet Seat Cover" is out now.

Rubber O Cement was a spin-off of Bay Area avant-gardists Caroliner (aka Caroliner Rainbow), whose severely warped Americana bore a faint resemblance to the severely warped electronic noise of its offspring. Normally a trio led by enigmatic Caroliner frontman Grux (who founded the group during Caroliner's late-'90s hiatus), Rubber O Cement was most noted for its surreal stage shows, in which the bandmembers used cardboard, foam, and tin foil to dress up as robots and monsters, and cavorted around the stage in front of a large cardboard computer. Set against this backdrop, their equally oddball music relied chiefly on vintage analog synths, low-budget effects, and skronky noise guitar. Rubber O Cement shared Caroliner's penchant for found-object packaging; their debut album, 2002's High Speed Electronic Cardboard, was released in a limited edition by the Toyo label and packaged in an envelope stuffed inside different individual issues of Clive Barker's Hellraiser comic book.. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Marfa & Ne-af

Marfa And Ne-af are/is a Los Angeles-based group who play irritate-o electronic noise-pop. The music is heavily influenced by things like doorbells, movies, children's songs, and cartoons.

Vocalist/songwriter/drummer Maren M-Ron works as an actress and model, and is a former member of The Peppermints and AntiQuark. Multi-..instrumentalist.. Geoffrey Long works as a producer and recording engineer, and is a former member of Mr + Mrs Tribute To Ugliness. Both Maren + Geoffrey also now play in LA supergroup I Cant Read. And sometimes Mr. Don Bolles of Fancy Space People and The Germs plays in Marfa And Ne-af, too. And another sometimes-..person who is sometimes a person in Marfa And Ne-af is Jorge who is also Core Ogg: The Coal Man.

Marfa And Ne-af have already played in interesting places like "France" (in Europe, we are told), "Italy" (also in Europe), Europe, Japan, Mexico, and the western "US," and have shared the stage with artists like 2Up, Nora Keyes, Indian Jewelry, An Albatross, the Chromatics, Arrington De Dionyso & Cat Lamb, and Replicock. Those are artists or "bands."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40 Days For Choice-- in action with me... + you?

Ok, so Geoff (my man!) and I clinic-escorted today in LA, + it was pretty low-key on our shift. The main idea is for nice people to be there for patients when they're coming into and leaving from the clinics. There was only 1 protester at the clinic where we were today, + he didn't try anything-- he just stood there on the sidewalk, looking like he was praying.

Anyway, if you want to volunteer to defend a women's clinic near you, see the 40 Days For Choice Facebook page for more info.

Love to you all, my pups.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Act local- Join me in defending women's clinics- 40 Days For Choice

Doing it in LA this week... I'll post more info when I've had some sleep & I'm more fluffy. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

PDX October 17

We (Marfa And Ne-af) will be playing at Disjecta in Portland, OR on October 17. Get ready 'n' shit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dodging bullets

I just found out that an area (Filipinotown) where we once helped run a venue-- The White Slave Trade-- is  part of an area called Westlake, + it turns out that Westlake has an extremely high murder rate! Or, at least, it comes up A LOT on The Homicide Report, the LA Times' blog that records every death by homicide in LA County. Yikes.

We actually moved out of that space after some Gs had a gun battle outside our front door one night during a show. So it's not like we were totally in the dark about it...

Now we're getting ready to reopen our venue and our new recording studio in Glassell Park-- a nice part of Glassell Park! We've been over to the space several times at all times of day and night, and have never seen Gs hanging out anywhere nearby. Lots of darling little old Mexican grandpas watering the hell out of their plants, though. :)

I'll keep you posted, my dears.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Organ Donation, Yes!

I have just been reading an article in the July 27 issue of The New Yorker called "The Kindest Cut." (You can't tell me you read it all in a timely fuckin' fashion!) It's about stranger-to-stranger kidney donation. And I'm FURIOUS! Por que? Well, a huge part of the article centers on people who openly discourage and are hostile toward people who show willingness to donate their organs to strangers. Aaaaagh!
I can understand someone not wanting a close family member/"loved one" to donate, cause, you know, it's risky. Not super-risky-- they're doing a lot of these operations laparoscopically nowadays-- but it is major surgery, of course, and what if you need it someday, or... But discouraging someone you don't love from donating? This really pisses me off.
If those people had ANY idea of how bad the need is for organs, they'd be supportive. Or maybe they wouldn't; maybe they're just assholes. I understand it's a complicated issue, but if an adult "of sound mind" decides to donate, people shouldn't treat them like there's something wrong with them! Grr...
I can't explain here all the ins and outs of this... you should just try to find the article and read it if you're interested.

Click here to get more info on how to become an organ donor.