Monday, June 11, 2012

even more depressing shit (Part 3 of our series)

I recommend you see Part 1 and read my original disclaimer here (if you haven't already); now here's installment 3: 

Capturing the Friedmans
Project Nim (haven't seen this, don't want to ever see it, I don't need to be more depressed.)
Yesterday (having to do with AIDS)

And some of my GOING COMMANDO! co-host Mae Aswell's depressing movie suggestions:
House of Sand and Fog
Midnight Cowboy
Mystic River

song: "All By Myself" (also Mae's suggestion)

...and a few other things that depress me, outside of the categories above: 
-the guitar wankers at Guitar Center
-most comments on Youtube videos (and on most other mass-viewed web sites)
-the Disneyland monorail, especially the part where you see the parking lot

And here's a bonus-- a link to the original posting of our GOING COMMANDO! podcast episode in which Mae Aswell and I do a lot of expounding on cultural consumables that depress us:

(At least I think that's the right episode. If not, I'll have to relisten to some episodes to figure it out, and that SHOULDN'T be depressing!  I'm pretty sure the subject comes up on more than one episode, knowing me.)

And here's Part 2 of the series, in case you missed it.

More coming sooner or later! Please comment if you have anything to add.