Thursday, February 18, 2016

Get Undepressed! the 17th (Things that say "Avoid me")

I recommend you see part 1 of my Depressing Shit series and read my original disclaimer here; now here's installment 16.

I'm only telling you about these things for your own good. Unless you have the problem of too much happiness and too little awareness of bad things, AVOID!

Streetwalkers by Scot Sothern
From :
"Streetwalkers is a bleak, real examination of street prostitution in contemporary America by an artist and writer whose own illicit compulsions and literary muscle inform every page. This is the complete collection of Sothern's work from the "Lowlife" years as well as from recent shoots. In addition, included are his features from "Nocturnal Submissions," his online column for "VICE "magazine. With new work and previously unpublished stories, this 30-year project is now final and should continue to cause strong reactions from all who see it. (powerHouse Books)"

Pictures of abused animals or euthanized pets
Jesus H. Et Cetera, I stumbled on some of these while innocently clicking on CUTE animal pics on Pinterest. Now I need to look at even more cute animals to undo the damage to my psyche. Yes, I know to always adopt and never buy pets from stores, breeders, and so on. I know not everybody has gotten the message yet, so I know some people post this stuff for good reason, but JAYZUZ! now I need a Xanax.
Got a Xanax for me, anyone?

And now, a picture of Turkey, who is alive and well.

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