Monday, February 1, 2016

Depress 16 (Go Avoid Things!)

I recommend you see part 1 of my Depressing Shit series and read my original disclaimer here; now here's installment 16.

I'm only telling you about these things for your own good. Unless you have the problem of too much happiness and too little awareness of bad things, AVOID!


The Sea Inside (Did I already list it before? You know how I like my bears: repeating. See


"The Living Bubba" by Drive-By Truckers
"Went Looking For Warren Zevon's Los Angeles" by Lucero


Run (British series. Netflix reviewer said it was depressing, so that's all I need.)

...and I'm already building up more anti-recommendations for next time. (Why must there be a next time?!)

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Civil War Two, Part 1 by Randall Collins

Civil War Two, Part 1

by Randall Collins

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As always, I welcome your suggestions for More Depressing Shit. Please comment, and I'll include any good suggestions in a future update.