Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bird in the Trash


So deep in debt, she chops up all of her credit cards (well, maybe not all of them!) and in fact reduces them to a fine-ish powder. Bravely, she lines up this powder in one big line on a magazine cover (using her remaining credit card to shepherd the powder into a line) and snorts it through a straw. This is painful, though not as painful as cutting the cards up. But like getting a tooth pulled or doing any kind of exercise, she knows the pain is for the greater good.

Late that night, though, she wakes up in a sweaty panic, feeling as though she has committed a murder and the victim’s heart is pounding from beneath the floor. The last time she felt this way, she had just realized she had thrown a perfectly fine pet bird in the trash. Now, one thought glows in her dark mind-- I have only one credit card!


(Fiction , my dears.)