Sunday, August 16, 2009

On Blonds

I realized recently I have quite a prejudice against blonds, + I'm probably not alone. This might seem Clarence Thomasesque coming from me (see picture), but the objects of my weird feelings are natural blonds... which I ain't.

I know it's bad to be prejudiced against people for something that's not their fault. But I'm trying to recognize my prejudice and maybe flip it around like a little ball or potato for a while.
I'm sure you understand.
But just so you know, this still means I'm prejudiced against "my own people"-- sortof. I'm partly German + Scandinavian, so really... well, I'll say it: I tend to think of natural blonds as way more likely to be dopey or douchey. There's no good reason for me to think this way.
I'll try to get better soon.

On a totally different subject, my band Marfa And Ne-af will play at Club Ding a ling at Hyperion Tavern this Tuesday. We're playing with a KICKASS band called Garbaj Kaetz. And it's FREE. Starts at 10pm.

1941 Hyperion Bl
LA CA 90026