Monday, August 17, 2009

Thousands of lesbian ones are abandoned every day on the road by their owners.

So... I love free translations. Makes my foreign myspace spam so much more, well...

Ah yes this is the vacation, ah yes you are at the beach or to the sea or to the creek or in the office or with big mom... But this is not a reason to forget that of the thousands of lesbian ones are abandoned every day on the road by their owners.

Lesbian to that one had said I like you my love my baby my bichon my female one of love, my milky louve, my fairy handbell, my mushroom my tartouflette my flying quail my dear choute my blue angel sugar sugar baby my chantilly. And nevertheless. A bend of alarming growth shows that the lesbian ones are more and more abandoned in summer, especially on the A3bis in the middle of the cagnard.

React and be united while coming to meet lesbian abandoned others, AS YOU THIS ETE, if this not the was been last, if this not the will be been next, if this is not your better girlfriend, your aunt your mother or your own sister.

And buy starting now for only 14 Euros instead of 18, your place and the one of your friends, for the spectacle of Océanerosemarie, the invisible lesbian one, that racommodera the hearts and will bring together the rouflaquettes and will put back salt in the butter of the épinards and will obliterate the tears to transform them in laugh bursting eternal crystal of crystalline stalactiques of fire of ice of solar light of love!

Océanerosemarie, the invisible lesbian on vacation (not on the A3 encore I reassure you), getting ready for his hilarious and thundering return (as they say in the bios of One Woman Show) from September 17 to the "ramp fires", 2 streets Saulnier 75009.