Friday, October 22, 2010

Save the Echo Curio + other small venues??

Mmmmaybe you saw the LA Weekly article about the closing of Echo Curio + Hyperion Tavern. They need savin.' The article suggests contacting City Councilman Eric Garcetti ( about the issue, which I finally did today. I pasted the contents of my email below-- crib if you wish.

Dear Councilman Garcetti:

Recently, the city has been cracking down on small independent live music venues, such as Echo Curio and Hyperion Tavern, because of apparent permit issues. While no one is saying permit or license laws should not apply to these venues, it seems like a misuse of the city's powers to devote scarce police resources to shutting down such places when there is SO much violent crime going on that could use the police's attention. It is very hard to see what harm, if any, is being done by tiny venues hosting tiny performances.

Please do what you can to help these venues re-open. They are an asset to the community.

Thank you.


[And den I put my full "real" name and city.]

P.S. The LA Weekly posted an article about this matter at