Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stopping Bullying of Queer Youth- Resources + a Rant

Last night I tweeted this:

Mormon leader gives antigay sermon after recent teen suicides. Add yr name to the @ open letter

I was (re)posting it following an email I'd gotten from Human Rights Campaign, regarding a recent sermon by Boyd K. Packer, who is apparently some big cheese in the LDS church.

And this morning some beeyotch sent me an @ message on Twitter, saying "the HRC twisted his words to suit their agenda." The nerve! I'm not going to debate this female directly, as I generally find arguing with rightwingers to be a waste of my energies (especially online, + especially especially on Twitter). But this is too ridiculous to let slip by unchallenged, + I want this to be to everyone's benefit. :)

So I've got to say it:
1. The HRC didn't twist that Mormon assface's words.
2. After all the Mormon church has done to hurt LGBT people-- including torturing them with electric shocks to try to make them straight, and in addition to their other anti-queer campaigns-- I wouldn't care if HRC did twist that guy's words for their agenda, which they didn't. The Mormons think they have been wronged here?? Give me a break!

OK, I feel much better. Carry on.

Resources to Help Stop Bullying - The Ellen DeGeneres Show