Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Hair One", for National Sketch Writing Month

"Hair One"

[at a... diner?]

CUSTOMER (holding out finger which may have a bit of toothpaste on it): Not one minute ago, there was a hair on this piece of toothpaste. Where do you suppose that hair is now?

SERVER: Was it a beautiful hair?

C: It was...a very... thoughtful hair... But that's not the point! A minute ago there was Long hair. One long hair.

S: We had long hair in here first.

C: I'd like a hair on my place.

S: Your place?

C: Yes. My... private place.
[Pause. They just look at each other seriously.]
C: A hair on my place? Please?

S: OK. You're right. Who am I to question you? I'm sure you always know what you're doing. You're my idol.

C: Yes. I win.

S: Me, too.

[Do they kiss? Dance around like happy puppets? Both? We'll see...]