Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nice Not Knowing You

(The setting: On the street? In a public place? In a cab? Doesn't matter. B is sitting and A approaches.)

A: Hey! Don't I know you from somewhere?

B (pauses, looks around, then): I'm known for not being known.

A (freaking out, happy and excited): Oh, YEAH! You're, like, so not known!

(While B answers, A takes out cel phone and takes a pic, then forcibly sits down next to B and starts taking a selfy of the 2 of them together.)

B: Yes, I'm VERY poorly known.

A (shaking B's hand vigorously): I'm thrilled 'cause I don't know you!

B: It's nice not to know you, too.

(A (gets up and) gets ready to leave.)

A: I'm going to tell, like, NO ONE about this.

B: I'm not going to tell anyone, either.

A: And you will never see anything about this on my Twitter or IG.

B: Yes... No.

(Exit A.)

B (turns and looks straight at audience or into camera and says, very seriously): "I-G." Hmm...