Thursday, September 19, 2013

Idea Logs: 3 Incomplete Skits

1. hair, bird, word
A (flipping hair with hand): I'll have a word with my bird (about (this/it/getting you in)).
B: I'll have a word with ANY bird. I'll have a word with a bird.
A: Tell someone else.
B: Tell someone else's BUTT.
[Time passes, and things may or may not happen.]
A: My word, but my bird is sore. She had some words with ME.

2. piano shave
A: Oh, I forgot, he doesn't need a grand piano to shave.
B: Me, neither. Come to think of it, does anyone?
A: Well... maybe. There are a lot of people out there.

3. smog test closed
A: Oh my god, no! I can't believe it. I always wanted to go to West Hollywood Smog Test Only and now they're closed!
B: Forever?!
A: Closed forever! We never had a chance... Oh, why didn't we go there when we still could? I'll never forgive myself!
B: Ugh! How OLD are you? That smog shop is for 2-time losers.
A: Yeah, my old creep went there. But still, I always thought he had a good time.