Sunday, September 23, 2012


[An ORACLE in robes and maybe a beard sits lotus-style on a rock or maybe just on the floor of a cave. The SEEKER stands and looks on, wearing outdoor gear, or at least hiking boots.]

Oracle: A polite man should yield the sidewalk to you.

Seeker: And will I be seeing any of these polite men while I'm awake?

O: These men are alive, I'm telling you. And they'll be yielding sidewalks to you left and right.

S: So, these polite men, are they existent in this universe?

O: They are existent in this universe.

S: Have any been recorded? I mean, are any still in circulation?

O: It has been recorded. The activity, within our lifetimes, of polite men. It has been verified.

S: And these polite men you speak of, what are they like? Will I recognize one if I see it?

O: Wait until the sidewalks part and then you will know the answer.

S: And if the sidewalk ends?

O: Look for the Polite Man's Trail.

S: Will this be easy to find, or should I make other arrangements?

O: Things have been known to take place. It happened to me once.

S: What? A polite man? Are you serious? Where was this?

O: At God's pool party; verily, it was free.

S: Did he get caught?

O: The polite man is ever elusive.

S: And that's OK in your book?

O: In The Great Book, all things go by.

S: I'm sorry, but that just doesn't help.

[ORACLE shrugs.]

O: Bring me your puzzles, you riddles... I am not a good oracle for advice.

S: Well, Jeez, I wish you'd told me that before. Where can I get a second opinion around here?

O: Second soothsayer on the left.

S: Yeah. Thanks for nothing. [Exit SEEKER.]

O: I wonder if I should have pulled out my magic frog.

---The End--

[See the site of National Sketch Writing Month for the meaning of all this.]