Thursday, September 20, 2012

People Scream and Then There's Beaver (& That's All There Is)

A: I don't know why people scream when I talk to them.

B: Maybe it's because you're always informing them of their loved one's demise.

A: Huh. I never thought of it that way. You're smart. You should be a psychologist.

B: I know. Unfortunately, I've done all this training to be a beaver analyst.

A: Oh, yeah. That's a lot of schooling you've got to go through for that.

B: Seriously. I'll still be paying off my beaver school loans for years to come.

A: For real. And I bet you had to go to work in the beaver game right away to start paying that down. No time for psychology there.

B: Naw. Every day, all day, 9 to 5, it's just beaver beaver beaver nonstop. My phone does not stop ringing. And all day long, I've gotta deal with a stack of beaver THIS high on my desk. It's pure madness.

A: I feel you there, friend.

B: Yeah, it's tough. [gazes off into the distance, looking thoughtful]

A: But at least you've got a job. Times are tough.

B: True, true.

A: Maybe I should be a psychologist.

B: Yeah. I hear people find it really uplifting.

A: Well, that's me all over. And I love the outdoors.

B: You're an inspiration.

A: I don't know if I am now. But I will be. In 2 weeks.


[See the site of National Sketch Writing Month for the meaning of all this.]