Monday, September 17, 2012

Said something deep today (eep!)

A few days ago, I posted some "how Mitt Romney is bad" video on my Facebook page, along with a "Let's defeat him" proclamation, and a friend commented, "American politics is a total fraud."

So I responded, "Yes, and yet the powerful people WANT us to be apathetic and not vote. They count on it, in fact. But go ahead and do nothing. I've noticed this sentiment is more popular among men than women; who's in office very directly affects women's lives, whereas I can see how men wouldn't get it."

And my friend responded with a link to a video about some 9/11 conspiracy.

So THEN I wrote:
If I just say, "All politicians are bad, so what's the point?" I might as well stay in bed all day for the rest of my life (and don't think the thought hasn't occurred to me). No action is morally pure or perfect. We have to make imperfect choices or we can't act at all.

Perty good, I think. I won't count on my friend to get it, but maybe someone will.